Parcours aventure Font Romeu.

SARL Chacun sa Trace 

Tel: 06 01 05 96 77 - 06 80 26 67 57

Agrément Jeunesse et sport: 06606 ET 0021

Yellow circuits: From 4 to 7 years and less than 1m25, 3 circuits only for children, about 1m20 high.
Ermitage circuits: includes 3 green courses and a blue circuit. From 1m25 for the whole family.
Calvary circuits: Includes a blue circuit, 1 rock course, 2 red circuits, 2 black circuits and 4 big zip lines from 1m40 and 11 years old.
Equipped with a harness, you are catapulted in the air up to a height of up to 16m. After a sensation of a strong acceleration, succeeds at the highest point of the ejection a feeling of weightlessness.

Thrill-seekers: Run from the top of a tree over 12m and discover safely, the unique sensation of free fall, with a soft landing on the ground.


A trip to do in teams (from 2 to 4 people). The participants, equipped with an IPod tablet, a harness and a double strike and joined by a rope. On a chosen route (there are different levels possible), you have to make challenges in a team or individually to obtain a code that will allow you to open the chest of the secrets of the BUNYOCKS. Game of skill, reflection, memory, strength ... in a good mood in general. And of the competition between teams, with digital application !.