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FROM 2 P.M. TO 7 P.M.

Activités parc aventure

Elevate your experience, weave your path
in the heights of audacity!

Whether you are an experienced acrobat or daring to climb heights for the first time,


“Chacun Sa Trace” invites you to leave your mark in the branches of the forest,


to create your own itinerary in the sky and to be part of this living history where every experience counts.

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Both of my kids did it, my daughter did the full tour and it took her most of the day. My son ent up to blue.
Both had great fun, it was very safe and the parcourts were long . We could follow them walking which was perfect.
Lovely place to come for a picnic and spend the day while having fun

Date de l'expérience : juillet 2021


Ha sido una tarde muy divertida. The park is very variable, with different levels of difficulty that can cause damage. Our han encantado las tirolinas, sobre allo las vistas. Y los chicos que están de monitores muy majos, amiables, nos han ayudado mucho.

Date of experience: August 2023

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our team will be happy to answer you.

Thank you for your visit

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