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-Duration of practice for acrobatics circuits: 3 hours continuously.

-Unders under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

-For courses in the rocks, the wearing of the helmet is mandatory.

-The management reserves the right to prohibit access or to interrupt the activity in bad weather conditions and to any person presenting a dangerous behavior.

-The dogs must be on a leash.

-No smoking outside authorized areas.

Prohibition to use the facilities without having paid an entrance fee and without having followed an initiation by one of the operators of the park.

You evolve autonomously on the courses and our acrobatic park operators at height advise you and ensure the monitoring and the proper functioning of the activity.



Yellow: Children's routes only without difficulty and to reach of an adult.

Green: Course without particular difficulty to 4m maximum height.

Blue: Medium difficulty course / Red: Difficult course / Black Very difficult course


Difficulty criteria; Height, balance, physical strength.


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