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Interactive circuit

A trip to do in teams (from 2 to 4 people). The participants, equipped with an IPod tablet, a harness and a double strike and joined by a rope. On a chosen route (there are different levels possible), you have to make challenges in a team or individually to obtain a code that will allow you to open the chest of the secrets of the BUNYOCKS. Game of skill, reflection, memory, strength ... in a good mood in general. And of the competition between teams, with digital application !.

Only in French for the moment.


What to expect?

You can take advantage of our courses for 3 hours of continuous activity.

Young or old, we suggest you climb in rocks, on Papuan masts or various and original monkey bridges ....

Push your limits by jumping on giant zip lines over 140 m.


(Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult on the ground or in the trees.)


Bunjee éjection

Equipped with a harness, you are catapulted into the air up to a height of up to 16m.

After a feeling of strong acceleration, there follows the feeling of weightlessness at the highest point of the ejection.

Quick jump

Thrill-seekers: Run from the top of a tree over 12 m and discover safely, the unique sensation of free fall, with a soft landing on the ground.

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